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Certifying Physician for Medical Cannabis in Altoona, PA

Dr. Lawrence Levinson practiced Internal medicine for 32 years and received Board Certification in Addiction Medicine in 2012. After taking the necessary educational and testing requirements through the Lambert Center for the Study of Medical Cannabis and Hemp, Jefferson Medical School, he was granted state approval for certifying eligible patients for the use of medical cannabis in Pennsylvania.

Medical Cannabis - Altoona, PA

Dr. Levinson has served as a Principal Investigator for over 200 Clinical Trials including several for opioid addiction. He is a certified Medical Review Officer, a Civil Surgeon for the Department of Homeland Security and the Medical Director of the Clearfield County Jail. His interest in medical marijuana has developed over the years and he is pleased to finally be able to offer this option to patients with the current approved medical conditions.

You will enter a private and unique practice setting with a physician who will provide you with the education and caring you need to help accomplish your goal. You’ll find this to be a unique and enjoyable experience.


First thing you need to do is check this website -  Medical Indications  - to make sure that you have 1 or more of the qualifying conditions for Medical Cannabis. Please note that "anxiety, sleep issues and stress" are not acceptable diagnoses at this time.

Next, complete the Application Form. Once I receive it, either Hillary or I will give you a call.

Application Form

I will need documentation from your physician(s) confirming your diagnosis. Download this form and give it to the physician you feel is most appropriate to provide confirmation. 
Release of Information 

For information regarding the Department of Health's registration process, go to Register with Dept of Health and click “Patients and Caregivers”. Completing this part of the form will register you with the State. This is the form that I will need to complete for applicants to receive their medical marijuana certifications.


We are serving the needs of patients in the State of Pennsylvania.